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Inspiration is Everywhere with This Restaurateur and Stationery Designer

Scenic walks, vintage finds and what to order with the ultimate insider, Alissa Carnazzo.
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Alissa Carnazzo is the designer behind luxury stationery brand Alissa Bell and co-owner (with her husband Anthony) of Carmel’s beloved neighborhood restaurant, Stationæry. Her paper collections celebrate simplicity, style and connection, with evolving color palettes and unique collaborations. Her work has been featured in New York Magazine, Goop, and Martha Stewart, among others. Stationæry, the restaurant, features locally sourced ingredients prepared with an artistic eye and a familial vibe reflective of its owners.



Wake up and get out the door with my husband Anthony for a walk along Scenic Road before the kids get up.


After the kids’ bus and school drop-offs, head to Stationæry for breakfast—currently loving the Bahn Mi breakfast sandwich!


Tag along with my sister Bri Coulter, a local real estate agent, for her broker’s tour day. I love seeing the unique homes on the market and daydreaming about different neighborhoods.



Cruise the thrift shops in Carmel Rancho Square (near The Barnyard). If you’re on the hunt for something special, the best tip is to visit at least once a week for a quick peek. New items and furniture arrive early in the week. Half my closet is filled with ’80s and ’90s blazers discarded from the chicest Carmel ladies before me!


Lunch and a glass of wine on the back patio of Elroy’s Fine Foods grocery store in Monterey. I love their chicken curry salad. And Nate, their wine buyer, always has a fun by-the-glass option on the list.


My ideal day involves my aunt picking the kids up from school so I can head to the historic Harrison Memorial Library on Ocean Avenue to soak in some inspiration. I love putting away my phone and computer and being surprised by what art and design books I might come across. Sitting in the library’s sunny, grand reading room for a quiet hour feels quite luxurious.



A romantic dinner with my husband at Big Sur Bakery is the perfect end to any day. I love how, with a quick drive down the coast, it feels like you've escaped.* Your heart slows down and you have to disconnect because there is no cell service. Big Sur Bakery pioneered a seasonal and local approach to their menu, and it's lovely to enjoy a meal from a restaurant we've long admired. 

*Editor’s note: Allow yourself an hour for the scenic drive from Carmel-by-the-Sea to Big Sur.

Photos by Kelsey Wisdom

"Half my closet is filled with ’80s and ’90s blazers discarded from the chicest Carmel ladies before me."

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