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From Carmel Classics to Monterey Marine Life, An Insidery Must-Visit List  

The local institutions that are always inspiring Somewhere in Carmel’s co-founders.
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Dave Ransone and Annie Freeman perfected the art of gift giving when they opened their carefully curated Carmel shop, Somewhere in Carmel—cheekily named for the town’s historic lack of street addresses. Filled with California-centric treasures ranging from Damion Fuller ceramics to Like Family olive oil to Fern Levack artwork, the shop is a passion project for the couple, who share a love for creative objects. Annie, a Monterey Peninsula native, spent 20 years in the apparel industry, co-founding the brand HUF before shifting her focus to art and illustration. Dave, a chef and baker by trade, fell in love with Carmel on his many trips home with Annie and inspired her to see the area with fresh eyes. “I love that Carmel is the perfect place to wander, get lost, and discover,” says Annie. “Hopefully you wind up ‘Somewhere!’”



We live on the river in the Carmel Valley Village area, so our special mornings start with a trip to Sunny Bakery Cafe for really great coffee and incredible baked goods. It has all of the laid-back, rustic charm that Carmel Valley has to offer. A nice mix of old cowboys and young tourists sharing the community tables for breakfast.


Head to Garland Ranch Regional Park for a loop on one of its many trails. It’s so beautiful, peaceful, and one of our favorite places to watch the seasons change. We take our time because there are a lot of dogs on the trails—it’s part of our fitness routine to stop and pet them. (Bend and stretch!)



The Little Swiss Cafe is so adorable, and we are not above having a big stack of pancakes for lunch at noon (they close at 2 p.m.). We like to show up after the breakfast rush and indulge. I’ve been going there since I was a kid, and it remains delightfully unchanged.


Walking around Downtown Carmel never gets old. Some of our favorite spots are Pilgrim’s Way to discover books both new and old; Carmel Belle for a smoothie and a chat with the super-friendly owners; Girl Boy Girl ,which has the most incredible selection of women’s contemporary apparel. (But if I’m truly being honest, I’m looking to pet the shop’s dogs!) I can’t help but wander into Kocek Jewelers. Mr. Kocek owns the shop next door to ours and has been doing business in Carmel for 50 years. If you get a chance to experience his kindness and look at the exquisite jewelry, it’s easy to understand why. His shop is a treasure.



Moss Landing is our jam! If we only have a couple of hours to spare, but want to go on a mini vacation, we head to Moss Landing. We love to stop into the Power Plant for coffee, shopping, or a snack on the way. Its founder, Sally Russell, is an amazing ceramicist who graduated from Stevenson (high school in Pebble Beach). I’m so grateful that she was enamored with the charm of Moss Landing enough to open such a vibrant, roadside business there. 


The trails along Elkhorn Slough are the best place to see otters, herons, and amazing birds. The beach is usually pretty empty, but the sea life loves to put on a show. I never walk away without seeing sea lions or dolphins. Sometimes we see humpbacks or gray whales from the shore. Moss Landing is also our favorite place to hop on a smaller whale watching tour a few times a year. You can not believe what is out there! It’s so special. Orcas, sunfish, pods of jellies, and all sorts of other magical creatures. How lucky we are that Monterey Bay is a National Marine Sanctuary. 


The Sea Harvest in Moss Landing is our go-to for dinner. We are pretty laid back and love this location (they have three). You order-at-the-counter and wait for your delicious food. That’s our vibe. The fish is super fresh, the view is epic.

The trails along Elkhorn Slough are the best place to see otters, herons, and amazing birds. The beach is usually pretty empty, but the sea life loves to put on a show.

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