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Winter 2024

Celebrate the giving season with our 100% local gift guide. It’s a testament to the talent, creativity, beauty and bounty of our area—and it also happens to mark our print debut! Get your complimentary copy by emailing editor@conceptcarmel.com today.

Plus, fresh seasonal stories you’ll only find here. From Chez Noir’s energetic embrace of Carmel (and newly minted Michelin status), to celebrity interior designer Amber Lewis’s architectural masterpiece overlooking the ocean; Pelio Estate Wines stunning Carmel Valley tasting room to a heartwarming profile of grace under fire. With new stories dropping all season long.

Volume 01

Issue 01

Display cabinet full of home decor items.

Calling All Treasure Hunters

Interior designer Alexis Smith's Shop Shoshin has plenty in store this summer.
Woman in golf apparel.

Malbon Golf Launches Its First Women’s Collection

And you’ll want to wear it everywhere.
Female golfer taking a swing.

Swinging Away with the Hometown Girl

A year ago, golfer Mina Harigae finished second in the U.S. Women’s Open. Now she’s coming home to do one better.
Sketch of furry dog.

Dog Days of Summer

Event Planner Miss Party Mama steps up your (pet-friendly) picnic game.
Married couple kissing beneath neon sign.

Wedding Dream Sequence: Kathleen & Jillian

The brides’ laid-back love story lights up The Holly Farm in Carmel Valley.
Cozy Pali House Hotel Room with Chair and Luggage

A Suite of New Hotels Open in Carmel This Summer

There’s never been a better time to stay by the sea.
Glowing Summer Skin and Minimalist Makeup

The Quiet Luxury of Coastal Beauty

Celebrity makeup artist Robin Black has your soft-spoken summer staples.
Jim Denevan on a hill looking at the ocean.

Coming Home for Dinner

Outstanding in the Field goes back to its roots, setting its iconic table in Santa Cruz for founder Jim Denevan’s Surf City tribute.
Alissa Carnazzo enjoying a glass of wine at Stationaery.

The Great Connector

Alissa Carnazzo knows style, and just about everyone in town too.
Megan Cassamas by the ocean

The Undeniable Power of Mothers

The journey to becoming a parent is not always easy. Megan Cassamas is here to help.
Leah Cabardo in front of her collection of herbs

A Luxe Skincare Line Takes Root In Carmel

Slowing down and savoring the moment with BY TIDE founder Leah Cabardo.