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Winter 2024

Celebrate the giving season with our 100% local gift guide. It’s a testament to the talent, creativity, beauty and bounty of our area—and it also happens to mark our print debut! Get your complimentary copy by emailing editor@conceptcarmel.com today.

Plus, fresh seasonal stories you’ll only find here. From Chez Noir’s energetic embrace of Carmel (and newly minted Michelin status), to celebrity interior designer Amber Lewis’s architectural masterpiece overlooking the ocean; Pelio Estate Wines stunning Carmel Valley tasting room to a heartwarming profile of grace under fire. With new stories dropping all season long.

Issue 02

Volume 01

Blown Away

Celebrating 40 years of Annieglass’s award-winning art with a special anniversary collection—and Valentine's offerings, too.

Crushing It

Pelio’s new Carmel Valley tasting room delights the eye as much as the palate—plus, there’s the fun factor, just “press for rosé.”

Grace Under Fire

Carmel Valley teacher Sarah Hawthorne shares her stories of facing cancer, child loss and mental illness to help others.

Everyone, Everywhere

Give Joyfully, To One And All.

Perfect Pairings

Pleasingly put-together provisions.

Small Wonders

The Stuff Stockings Are Made Of.

Thrill of the Hunt

Award-winning interior designer Carissa Duncan scours the globe for one-of-a-kind treasures to inspire her new shop experience. 

This Must (Really) Be The Place

Chez Noir’s Jonny and Monique Black could have opened a restaurant anywhere. They chose Carmel—and Michelin magic followed in less than a year.

Amber Lewis’s New Book Calls Carmel Home

Behind the design of a breathtaking beachside retreat.